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Queensferry Bowling Club was founded in 1877. We Were founder members of the North Linlithgowshire Bowling League and the West Lothian Bowling Association. We have had varied successes over the years both locally and nationally. We have won the North Linlithgowshire Bowling League five times.

Our players have also won some prestigious county singles competitions, with Andy Dunnett winning the inaugural West Lothian Masters in 1999 and the county Singles in 2001. Neil McLean won the Champion of Champions in 2000 and the Scottish Bowling Association District 14 championship in 2003, Our rink (4 players) also won the District 14 championship in 2003. Our Ladies pairs Mary Beveridge & Caroline Harper won the Scottish Bowling Association District 27 championship in 2002. In 2009 Michael Abrahams qualified for the Junior Singles finals at Ayr, and was also involved in the West Lothian Junior county rink that qualified for the Ayr finals.

We currently have around 200 playing members with the biggest majority of these players being younger than the normal retirement age despite the myth that it is only older people that play bowls. We currently have 3 of our younger bowlers playing for West Lothian at the moment in the Hamilton Trophy competition for county teams. We always enjoy our numerous friendlies that take place over the season. You can't beat a bit of friendly competition over a few drinks. We also have a number of fun days for our male and female members, like ladies day and the boysie pairs. Queensferry Bowling Club is always striving to improve its facilities, this and our recent successes on the green have seen us host the West Lothian County finals in 2003 and the West Lothian Masters Finals in 2004.

We are always on the lookout for new competition sponsors and of course new members, especially juniors who can start playing from the age of ten. We have qualified coaches available to help with all aspects of the sport. If you don't fancy bowling, we also have social memberships available.

Belhaven Best

If you live in the Queensferry area and would like to join, please complete this membership form and return it to the club.

QBC Gallery

Past Presidents Day - 2000 Fatman & Dobbin - Xmas Eve 2004 Opening Day 2006 Ladies Day 2009
The Smoker with Fatman & Dobbin The Cuckoo with Fatman & Dobbin Week Before Opening Day Nice Weather for May
2005 Triples Trophy Winners Opening Day 2003 Opening Day2004 Opening Day 2005
And Still They Played On Opening Day2010 2010 Single Hand Winners A Wee Bit of Snow
Snow on the Bridge Opening Day2013    

Competition Draw sheets are up on the notice boards.

Sheets are up for friendlies and county comps, stick your name up if you want to participate.


Committee Members for 2014


President George Cairns
Vice-President Peter Bridgman
Treasurer Jim Gowans
Secretary Neil Grant
Match Secretary Raymond Reid
Committee Member Jackie Donaldson
Committee Member Brian McMillan
Committee Member Frank Lesslie
Committee Member Lawrence Watson
Committee Member Robert Thomson
Committee Member Robbie Cairns

The Club's function hall is available to hire
Weddings , Birthdays , Engagements or special occasions.
Funerals respectfully catered for.
Kitchen facilities are available.
Contact the Club during opening hours or email for further details
Hall Booking form can be downloaded here.

We have a range of merchandise available for members to buy, contact the Club for details.


2014 Fixture List ( Check Notice Boards For Changes )

1 TUE   1 THUR   1 SUN Silly Sunday
2 WED   2 FRI Gents Hat Night 2 MON Senior Top Ten (H)
3 THUR   3 SAT Clackmannan (Home) 3 TUE  
4 FRI   4 SUN   4 WED Ladies League (A)
5 SAT   5 MON Senior Top Ten (A) 5 THUR  
6 SUN   6 TUE   6 FRI Gents Hat Night
7 MON   7 WED Mens League (H) 7 SAT Ladies Day
8 TUE   8 THUR   8 SUN  
9 WED   9 FRI Gents Hat Night 9 MON Senior Top Ten (A)
10 THUR   10 SAT   10 TUE  
11 FRI   11 SUN   11 WED Ladies League (H)
12 SAT Gents Opening Day 12 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 12 THUR
13 SUN   13 TUE   13 FRI Senior Dickson & Hat Night      
14 MON Opening Day Meeting 14 WED Mens League (A) 14 SAT  
15 TUE Seniors Opening Day 15 THUR   15 SUN Ladies Pres. Pairs
16 WED Early Bird Pairs 16 FRI Gents Hat Night 16 MON Senior Top Ten (H)
17 THUR   17 SAT Clan McLeod 17 TUE  
18 FRI   18 SUN   18 WED Ladies League (H)
19 SAT Ladies Opening Day 19 MON Senior Top Ten (A) 19 THUR
20 SUN   20 TUE   20 FRI Gents Hat Night
21 MON   21 WED Mens League (H) 21 SAT Hamilton Trophy
22 TUE   22 THUR Senior Mixed Pairs 22 SUN  
23 WED   23 FRI Gents Hat Night 23 MON Senior Top Ten (A)
24 THUR 24 SAT   24 TUE  
25 FRI   25 SUN   25 WED NLBL League
26 SAT Nine by Nine  26 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 26 THUR Senior Mixed Triples
27 SUN   27 TUE   27 FRI Gents Hat Night
28 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 28 WED Mens League (A) 28 SAT Thurston (Home)
29 TUE   29 THUR   29 SUN  
30 WED   30 FRI Gents Hat Night 30 MON Senior Top Ten (A)
      31 SAT        


1 TUE   1 FRI   1 MON  
2 WED NLBL League 2 SAT Five Club Invitation 2 TUE  
3 THUR   3 SUN Past- Presidents 3 WED  
4 FRI Gents Hat Night 4 MON Senior Top Ten (A) 4 THUR  
5 SAT Maclays Invitation 5 TUE   5 FRI Gents Hat Night
6 SUN   6 WED NLBL League 6 SAT Cowdenbeath A)
7 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 7 THUR   7 SUN  
8 TUE   8 FRI Pie Man & Hat Night 8 MON  
9 WED NLBL League 9 SAT   9 TUE  
10 THUR   10 SUN   10 WED  
11 FRI Gents Hat Night 11 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 11 THUR  
12 SAT   12 TUE   12 FRI Gents Hat Night
13 SUN Janet Wilson Trophy 13 WED   13 SAT Gents Challenge
14 MON Senior Top Ten (A) 14 THUR Senior Mixed Pairs 14 SUN  
15 TUE   15 FRI Gents Hat Night 15 MON  
16 WED NLBL League 16 SAT Betty Marshall Trophy 16 TUE  
17 THUR   17 SUN Maggies 17 WED  
18 FRI Gents Hat Night 18 MON Senior Top Ten (A) 18 THUR  
19 SAT   19 TUE   19 FRI  
20 SUN Mixed Pairs 20 WED   20 SAT Postal Invitation (A)
21 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 21 THUR   21 SUN  
22 TUE   22 FRI Gents Hat Night 22 MON  
23 WED NlBL League 23 SAT Bo'ness Triples (A) 23 TUE  
24 THUR   24 SUN   24 WED  
25 FRI Gents Hat Night 25 MON Senior Top Ten (H) 25 THUR  
26 SAT Ladies Invitation 26 TUE   26 FRI  
27 SUN   27 WED   27 SAT Closing Day
28 MON Senior Top Ten (A) 28 THUR   28 SUN  
29 TUE   29 FRI Gents Hat Night 29 MON  
30 WED NLBL League 30 SAT Postal (Away)      
31 THUR   31 Sun        



Full details of all club competitions will be posted on the notice boards.

WLBA Diary

Queensferry Bowling Club honours page.

Presidents & Champions

2002 SBA District 27 Ladies Pairs Winners
2002 SBA District 27 Ladies Pairs Winners
2003 SBA District 14 Men's Rink Winners
2003 SBA District 14 Men's Rink Winners
  2005 SBA District 14 Men's Rink Winners
2005 SBA District 14 Men's Rink Winners and Ayr Semi-finalists
2008 Senior Champion of Champions2007 Senior Champion of Champions 2007 SBA District 14 Men's Senior Rink Winners and Ayr Finalists
2007 SBA District 14 Men's Senior Rink Winners and Ayr Finalists

County Honours

1905 Hopetoun Cup 1st Winners
1906 Linlithgowshire Presidency James Maxwell
1914 Linlithgowshire Presidency John Stewart
1921 Baillie Trophy John Stewart
1929 Linlithgowshire Presidency Robert M Anderson
1934 Hopetoun Cup  
1964 Roseberry Cup  
1964 North Linlithgowshire Bowls League  
1965 Linlithgowshire Presidency Nicol Smith
1974 North Linlithgowshire Bowls League  
1975 North Linlithgowshire Bowls League
1976 West Lothian Council Trophy 1st Winners
1981 West Lothian Council Trophy  
1981 Bob Sutherland Trophy Terry Marland
1987 Linlithgowshire Presidency John Nicol
1991 SBA District 14 Senior Rink Champions Jack Ramsay, Frank Newlands,
Jim Bishop & Jimmy Wilson
1993 Kelso Cup  James Robb, Lindsay Waugh
John Nicol & Alan Brown (Snr)
1999 West Lothian Masters Andrew Dunnett 1st Winner
2000 Champion of Champions Neil McLean
2000 North Linlithgowshire Bowls League  
2001 Top Five  
2001 West Lothian County Singles Andy Dunnett
2002 SBA District 27 Ladies Pairs Champions Mary Beveridge & Caroline Harper
2003 SBA District 14 Mens Rink Champions Dave Merritt, Scott Archibald,
Iain McLean & Andy Dunnett
2003 SBA District 14 Mens Singles Champion Neil McLean
2003 Fred Meikle Trophy Finalist (U25's) Alan Brown (Jnr)
2003 Hosts - West Lothian County Finals  
2004 Hosts - West Lothian Masters  
2004 North Linlithgowshire Bowls League  
2005 SBA District 14 Mens Rink Champions
Ayr Semi-finalists
Alan Brown, Alan Atkinson,
Andy Dunnett & Jim McCallum
2005 SBA District 14 Mens Singles Finalist Iain McLean
2005 Dickson Trophy Winners Senior Rink
2006 SBA District 14 Mens Pairs Finalists A Dunnett & A Atkinson
2007 SBA District 14 Mens Senior Rink Champions
Ayr Finalists
John Seery, Bill Neilson
Ian Douglas & Raymond McMahon
2007 Senior Champion of Champions Hamish Campbell
2009 SBA District 14 Junior Singles Champion Michael Abrahams
2010 SBA District 14 Mens Rink Champions
Ayr Semi-finalists
Stephen King, Alan Brown (Snr),
Iain McLean & Alan Atkinson

North Linlithgowshire Bowling League

Mens 2014 League Fixtures
GAME 1 7th May GAME 7 9th JULY
Linlithgow v Bellsburn Kinneil v Bellsburn
Queensferry v Bo'ness Broxburn v Winchburgh
Bridgeness v Winchburgh Kirkliston v Linlithgow
Buchan Park v Kinneil Queensferry v Bridgeness
Ratho v Broxburn Buchan Park v Ratho
Kirkliston v Philpstoun Bo'ness v Philpstoun
GAME 2 14th MAY GAME 8 16th JULY
Bellsburn v Queensferry Bellsburn v Bo'ness
Bo'ness v Bridgeness Winchburgh v Kinneil
Winchburgh v Buchan Park Linlithgow v Queensferry
Kinneil v Ratho Bridgeness v Ratho
Broxburn v Kirkliston Buchan Park v Kirkliston
Philpstoun v Linlithgow Philpstoun v Broxburn
GAME 3 21st MAY GAME 9 23rd JULY
Bridgeness v Bellsburn Bo'ness v Winchburgh
Buchan Park v Bo'ness Kinneil v Broxburn
Ratho v Winchburgh Linlithgow v Bridgeness
Kirkliston v Kinneil Queensferry v Buchan Park
Linlithgow v Broxburn Ratho v Kirkliston
Queensferry v Philpstoun Bellsburn v Philpstoun
GAME 4 28th MAY GAME 10 30th JULY
Bellsburn v Buchan Park Winchburgh v Bellsburn
Bo'ness v Ratho Broxburn v Bo'ness
Winchburgh v Kirkliston Buchan Park v Linlithgow
Kinneil v Linlithgow Queensferry v Ratho
Broxburn v Queensferry Kirkliston v Bridgeness
Philpstoun v Bridgeness Philpstoun v Kinneil
Ratho v Bellsburn Bellsburn v Broxburn
Kirkliston v Bo'ness Bo'ness v Kinneil
Linlithgow v Winchburgh Ratho v Linlithgow
Queensferry v Kinneil Kirkliston v Queensferry
Bridgeness v Broxburn Bridgeness v Buchan Park
Buchan Park v Philpstoun Winchburgh v Philpstoun
Bellsburn v Kirkliston
Bo'ness v Linlithgow Playing Rules 
Winchburgh v Queensferry 3 Rinks per Team
Kinneil v Bridgeness Games 1 to 7 15 Ends at 7pm
Broxburn v Buchan Park Games 8 to 11 13 Ends at 7pm
Ratho v Philpstoun NO TRIAL ENDS
All results MUST be reported on the night of each game - CALL 0131 331 2354


Ladies 2014 League Fixtures
GAME 1 4th June GAME 6 9th July
Bo'ness v Bellsburn Bellsburn Bo'ness
Kinneil v Kirkliston Kirkliston Kinneil
Queensferry v Linlithgow Linlithgow Queensferry
GAME 2 11th June GAME 7 16th July
Bellsburn v Kinneil Kinneil Bellsburn
Linlithgow v Bo'ness Bo'ness Linlithgow
Kirkliston v Queensferry Queensferry Kirkliston
GAME 3 18th June GAME 8 23rd July
Queensferry v Bellsburn Kirkliston Bellsburn
Kirkliston v Linlithgow Queensferry Bo'ness
Bo'ness v Kinneil Linlithgow Kinneil
GAME 4 25th June GAME 9 30th July
Bellsburn v Kirkliston Bellsburn Queensferry
Bo'ness v Queensferry Linlithgow Kirkliston
Kinneil v Linlithgow Kinneil Bo'ness
GAME 5 2nd July GAME 10 6th August
Linlithgow v Bellsburn Bellsburn Linlithgow
Queensferry v Kinneil Kinneil Queensferry
Kirkliston v Bo'ness Bo'ness Kirkliston
2 Teams  /  3-Bowl Triples  /  13 Ends  /  1 Trial
01506 840934 (Home)




Club Sponsors

Frank Coan - Queens Retreat
Scotstoun Grove
South Queensferry
0131 331 1393

Paul Steward - The Old Boathouse Restaurant
19b High Strret
South Queensferry
0131 331 5429


The Boathouse Restaurant
Belhaven Brewery
East Lothian
EH42 1RS
Belhaven Brewery
Raymond Reid - Queensferry Greencare
Tel 07766666548
Queensferry Greencare
Neil Grant & Alex Hobb - Ventilation Heating & Sales
Tel 01506-830033
Fax 01506-830022
Email VHS
Ventilation & Heating Sales
0131 555 0616
Mowat Hall Dick Solicitors
Clan McLeod Coaches
0131 333 0228
Clan McLeod Coaches
Arne's Private Hire
Arne's Private Hire
0131 331 5050
Arne's Private Hire
Linda Doig & Jackie Bridgman
Junior Pairs

We are always looking for competition sponsors, if you are able to help
please get in touch with the club.

Welcome to the Queensferry Bowling Club contact page.


0131 331 2354


27A Station Road
South Queensferry
EH30 9HZ

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WLBA http://www.westlothianbowlingassociation.co.uk
Bowls Scotland www.bowlsscotland.com/
Scottish Bowler www.scottishbowler.co.uk
Bowls Club Info http://www.bowlsclub.info
Bond Bowls http://www.bondbowls.co.uk

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